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Alford Image Library

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1360Alford Curling Club1976
1359Balfluig Castle, Alford1925
1358Water Pump in Alford1925
1357Millbank Farm, Alford1953
1356Cyril Massie Shepherd1940
1355Alex Morrison's Photographic Equipment2010
1354Keig School, Community Hall and Village2010
1353Keig crossroads2010
1352Keig from the Whitehouse Road2010
1351Butterbur at Keig2010
1350Crocuses at Whitehouse2010
1349Snowdrops at Whitehouse2010
1348Closure of Keig Bridge2010
1347A glorious Spring day at Keig2010
1346A Whitehouse Thaw2010
1345The Queen's View in early March2010
1344James Gordon and Georgina Bruce1936
1343Alford Farmers' Dance1935
1342Leith-McDonald Wedding1935
1341Alford Bowlers1935
1340Wedding Party1935
1338Craigievar Castle1939
1337Lady MacRobert and her Three Sons1935
1336Main Street, Alford1935
1335Aberdeen Angus Bull1935
1334A Handsome Group 1935
1331Lumsden Arms Hotel1935
1330Kildrummy Inn1935
1329Lumsden Arms Hotel1935
1328Lumsden Arms Hotel1935
1327Strathdon Players1935
1326Strathdon Players1935
1325Strathdon Players1935
1324Packing the Eggs for Market1935
1323Bruce Family, at Auchinleith, Lumsden1936
1322Strathdon Show1935
1321William Gordon, Strathdon1935
1320Thom Golden Wedding1935
1319Kildrummy Sale of Work1935
1318Strathdon Show1935
1317Alford Branch of Police Force1935
1316Pat Thom and Family1935
1315Kildrummy WRI at Ardhuncart1935
1314The Alford WRI Players1935
1313Strathdon Football Club1935
1312Mr and Mrs Emslie, Balfluig, Alford1935
1311Presentation to Alex Morrison1935
1310The Rabbit Catcher1935
1309Kennethmont Show1935
1308Twa Bairns and a Hairy Something1935
1307Rhynie Grannies Parade1935
1306Opening of New Church Hall at Lumsden1935
1305Nicoll Wedding1935
1304Kildrummy Show1935
1303Motorbike and cart1935
1302Willie Duguid, Meikleton Croft, Tullynessle1935
1301Child in a Silver Cross pram1935
1300Rev. Geo Shier1935
1299Glenbuchat Games1935
1298Glenbuchat Games1935
1297Lumsden Football Club1935
1296Lumsden Grannies Parade1935
1295PC Ellis1935
1294PC Webster1935
1293Skiing and sledging at Clova1935
1292Kildrummy Induction1935
1291Glenbuchat Games1935
1290Kennethmont Induction1935
1289Balloch School1935
1288The Funeral of Rt Hon J.H.Tennant, Edinglassie1935
1287At Glenkindie Show1935
1286At Kennethmont Show1935
1285Tarland Dramatic1935
1284Leith-McDonald Wedding1935
1283Mann-Ritchie Wedding1935
1282The Middleton Family1935
1281Ardhuncart Lodge1935
1280Beattie-Thom Wedding1935
1279Beattie Wedding1935
1278R Gayden, Lumsden1935
1277J Strachan, New Mains1935
1276Rosemary Walker, Westside, Brux1935
1275Mr C.R.Hay, Nether Kildrummy1935
1274Breda Presentations1935
1273Mr and Mrs James Reid1930
1272Balloch School scholars1935
1271Glenbuchat Church1935
1270Tough Wedding1935
1269Alford Inter WRI Bulb Show1935
1268G. Laing of Tillyskukie, Corse1930
1267Glenbuchat Church1935
1266Planting Jubilee Tree at Lumsden1935
1265Donside Farmers' Dance1935
1264At Alford Mart1935
1263At Alford Mart1935
1262Kildrummy Castle1935
1260R.T.S. Millar1935
1259Scene of Devastation1935
1258Fire at Wester Clova Steading1935
1257Strathdon Players1935
1256Kildrummy Inn1935
1255Family Gathering1935
1254Kildrummy Hotel and Castle in foreground1935
1253Balmoral and Lochnaggar1935
1252Show and Sale at the Cabrach1935
1251Champion at Glenkindie Show1935
1250"Tumblin' Tam" Rake in use at Craigievar1935
1249The Lumsden Arms Hotel, Lumsden1935
1248Insch Gala Day1935
1247Champion at the Glenkindie Show1935
1246Local teachers at EIS Meeting at kildrummy1935
1245The Lonach Pipe Band1935
1244The Deveron at Lower Cabrach1935
1243Pot of Poldulhie, Strathdon1935
1242Dux of Rhynie H.G.School1935
1241Milestone Painter near Alford1935
1240Chancel at Strathdon Kirk1935
1239Three up on the workhorse1935
1238Cushnie Wedding1935
1237Strathdon Dramatic1935
1236Strathdon Dramatic1935
1235Strathdon Dramatic1935
1234Wedding in Alford1935
1233Garden Party at the Old Manse, Lumsden1935
1232Monument in the Cabrach1935
1231Road at Brux1935
1230The gardens at Littlewood Park1935
1229Littlewood Park1935
1228At the Kennethmont Show1935
1227At the Kennethmont Show1935
1226At the Cabrach Show1935
1225At a Cabrach Sale1935
1224Kildrummy Induction1935
1223Lonach WRI Fancy Dress1935
1222Pipers Dance at Strathdon1935
1221Glenkindie Dance1935
1220Golden Wedding at Lumsden1935
1219Albura School1938
1218Candacraig, Strathdon1950
1217Ploughing with horse1948
1216Sowing neeps1954
1215Fresh seed for the sower1954
1214Broadcasting seed1954
1213Enjoying the air1930
1212The Draughts Players1930
1211Alford District Recorder's Car1935
1210The District Recorder's Car1935
1209Alford Cricket Team1928
1208Alford Cricket Team1925
1207Alford Curler1925
1205Interesting Bottle Stopper2009
1204Interesting Bottle Stopper2009
1203Alford Curling Club Prize 18922009
1202Alexander Blacklaw Squire, 1915-19182009
1201Charles Murray Celebrations1964
1200"Pig Charlie"1909
1199Alexander Robertson Birnie1942
1198Aerial view of Monymusk1948
1197Alford Parish Church Memorial Plaque2009
1196John Duncan, The Alford Weaver and Botanist2009
1195Keig Kirk First World War Roll of Honour2009
1194Interior of Keig Kirk2009
1193War Memorial at Keig Kirk2009
1192William McCombie1939
1191Kemp Mill at Montgarrie1920
1190School Choir?1954
1189School Choir Competing in a Competition?1954
1188Famous Fiddlers1973
1187The Third Family from Alford1918
1186Ann Ewen and daughter, Bess1920
1185Postie James Ewen1920
1184New Picture1920
1183Alford Goods Train at Kemnay1954
1181Parade through Alford1925
1180Festivities in Alford1925
1179Alford Goods Train at Monymusk1954
1178Alford Bus Fire at Tillyfourie.1976
1177Alford Goods Train arriving at Alford Station1954
1176Alford Good Engine on Turntable at Alford1954
1175Alford Post Office Staff Christmas Party1961
1174Peter Watt, Coachman to Lord Forbes, Keig1900
1173The McDonald Family at Cairnmhor, Alford1914
1172Joe Reid's Retirement 1964
1171Kemp grave at Leochel Cushnie2002
1170Picnic near Alford1954
1169New Picture1965
1168Balloch Brae, Alford1905
1167A Sports Meet1920
1166Alford Main Street1900
1165Alford from the air1995
1164The McCombie Youngsters1945
1163Molly Milne1925
1162Estate Tenants and Family at Castle Forbes1869
1161Craigpot Suspension Bridge, Keig1901
1160Tombstone of Alice Smith Thiele at Keig2004
1159Ruins of Tonley House, Tough2009
1158Ruins of Tonley House, Tough2009
1156Inside the Coo Cathedral at Aboyne2009
1155The Coo Cathedral at Aboyne2009
1154Alford Fire Crew2009
1153The Safety Squad!2009
1152Malcolm Forbes chatting to guests2009
1151Castle Forbes workforce grazing the pasture2009
1150Casting a good line at Keig2009
1149The Orvis Expert at Castle Forbes2009
1148River Don Open Day, Castle Forbes2009
1147Flyfishing Tutorial on River Don Open Day 2009
1146Young Fisherquine 2009
1145Castle Forbes, Keig2009
1144Tullynessle School1947
1141Early Cyclists1895
1140Car trip1914
1139Horse and Trap1914
1138Sacks of Grain?1914
1137Inspecting a new harvester1914
1136Young loon and Workhorses1914
1135Loon and Pair of Workhorses1914
1134Young Loon and Horses1914
1132Fine Workhorses1914
1131Parents and Offspring Maybe?1914
1130Ploughman and Workhorses1914
1129Plooin' wi a pair o' horses1914
1128Loon and Workhorse1914
1127Foresters about to haul timber1914
1126At the Saw Mill1914
1125Another Young Soldier off to War1914
1123Brothers in Arms?1914
1122A group of Foresters1914
1121Young Boy Soldier, Unknown.1914
1120Unknown soldier1914
1119Unknown Group Photograph1914
1118Unknown soldier1914
1117Sandy Archibald brakin' metal at Glacks1910
1116Rough hewn rocks ready for "brakin' tae metal"1910
1115Joe Riddell Snr at Drybrae Quarry, Glacks1910
1114Joe Riddell, Sandy Craib, Workhorses and Rucks1914
1113Plooin' wi' a pair o' horses an' a horse n' stot1914
1112Inscription to Charles Michie Smith at Keig2002
1111Caricature by Bailie of WRS1878
1110Brass plate on William P Smith's Timepiece2002
1109Timepiece Originally Presented to W P Smith2002
1106Stained Glass Window Dedicated to WRS2002
1105New Farm Keig2002
1104New Farm Keig1914
1103New Farm, Keig1914
1102Former United Free Church Manse at Keig2002
1101Former United Free Church at Keig2002
1100United Free Church Manse at Keig1920
1099United Free Church Manse at Keig1914
1098United Free Church and Manse at Keig1910
1097United Free Church at Keig1920
1096United Free Church at Keig1910
1095Grave of the Smith family at Keig2002
1094William Robertson Smith's Grave2002
1093Smith Tombstones at Keig Parish Kirk2002
1092The Unveiling of the Plaque to William R. Smith1900
1091Newspaper article on unveiling of plaque to WRS1900
1090Brass plaque to William Robertson Smith2002
1089Plate to Rev. William Pirie Smith2009
1088The interior of Keig Kirk2002
1087Keig Parish Kirk1920
1086Public Hall Dance, Alford1959
1085Friends on Bennachie1957
1084Miss Gray/Mrs Comfort's class of 47/48, Alford 1947
1083Alford School1955
1082Where's Jimmy?1958
1081Clayton Steam Lorry1912
1079Premnay School1952
1078Alford Coach Trip to Scottish Cup Final1952
1077Coach Trip from Alford1955
1075Young Quine Distracts a Worker in Alford1960
1074Alford Friends on Bennachie1955
1073Eileen Christie and Davina Shepherd1955
1072Big Mac at the Cabrach1950
1071Bill and Brian McCombie1962
1070Dr Brian McCombie and proud parents1966
1069Montgarrie Bairns1952
1068Billy Walker and Billy McCombie1962
1067Jimmy Mccombie with friends at HQME1957
1066Big Mac at the Cabrach1963
1065Jimmy McCombie at HQME1957
1064Alford Friends1957
1063Jimmy Ley 1954
1062Jock Shephard1950
1061Keig Brig Looking East1960
1060Jimmy McCombie1959
1058Map of Lumsden Village in 19101910
1057Postie Lawson at Whitehouse Post Office1910
1056Lord Sempill at Controls of Craigievar Express1955
1055Postie Lawson at Whitehouse Station1910
1054Part of Craigievar Mill2004
1053Countryside near to Craigievar Mill2004
1052Craigievar Mill2004
1051Countryside near to Craigievar Mill2004
1050Grave of Postie Lawson and his Wife2004
1049Rolling Cereals at Whitehouse2009
1048Cairngorms and Grampians from the North2009
1047Wood Sorrel at Whitehouse2009
1046Presentation to Nurse Royan1950
1045Wedding Presentation to Dr Sempill and Wife1952
1044Twa Alford Loons and a Boxcairt1950
1043Photograph Backpieces1900
1042A selection of Photograph Backpieces1900
1037Quoits Players somewhere near Banchory1900
1034Mrs Soutar or Mrs Cumming?1900
1033Parade in Aberdeen?1900
1032Lawson Family Group1910
1031John Soutar 1900
1030Unknown group at Unknown location1900
1025Lumsden Public School1900
1024Littlewood House, Alford1920
1020Unknown girls1910
1018Unknown group at Unknown location1920
1017Unknown couple1902
1016Unknown couple1910
1015Broadley Farmhouse1920
1012Membership Card for Scotch Girls' Friendly Society1893
1011Unknown children1900
1010Drilling Spring Cereals at Whitehouse2009
1009Ladymill, Muir of Fowlis2009
1008Details of the Doorway at Corse Castle2009
1007Corse Castle2009
1006Information Board at the Peel of Lumphanan2009
1005Panorama showing the Peel at Lumphanan2009
1004Tillyfourie Quarry1900
1002Detail of the Craigievar Express2005
1001Detail of the Craigievar Express2005
1000Craigievar Express at the British Museum2005
999Craigievar Express loaned to British Museum2005
998Craigievar Express at Craigievar Castle1985
997Postie Lawson's Obituary1938
996Postie Lawson's Commendation Certificate2009
995Postie Lawson's Long Service Medal2004
994Grave of James Lawson, Lumphanan2004
993Lumphanan Kirk2004
992Leochel Cushnie Kirk2004
991Countryside near to Ladymill, Muir of Fowlis2004
990Ladymill, Muir of Fowlis2004
989Lumsden Free Kirk2004
988Newspaper article on Craigievar WRI1928
987Inside Postie Lawson's Workshop2007
986Postie Lawson's Workshop2007
985The Old Schoolhouse at Craigievar2007
984Postie Lawson's House, Craigievar1976
983Mill Pond at Craigievar1990
982David Kemp and family1890
981Postie Lawson and his Motor Car1910
980The Backpiece of a Postie Lawson Photograph1900
979Andrew Lawson, Photographer1900
978Memento Mori to Mary Lawson1910
977Water Wheel at Craigievar1989
976Former Residence of David Kemp, Montgarrie2007
975Statue once owned by Postie Lawson2007
974Unknown family at Hillocks Farm, Alford1920
973Hillocks Farm, Alford1920
972Grampian Transport Museum Autojumble2009
971First Primroses at Whitehouse2009
970Larch 2009
969Gordon's Delivery Vans and Staff1970
968Gordon's Shop Staff Party1970
967Robert Gordon Antiques Shop Opening1963
966Pennyfarthing Challenge1965
965Jean Griffin1945
964Coiliochbhar from Keig2009
963Mither Tap and Millstone Hill from Keig2009
962Castle Forbes, Keig2009
961Bennachie from the Forbes Estate2009
960Three Friends Meet Up in Alford1953
959Local loon doon sooth1958
958Man Ploughing with Horse and Cow1900
957Alford Goods Yard 1955
956View from the signal box at Alford1955
955The Shop at The Bridge of Alford1910
954Alford Academy Pupils and William Smith1978
953Aerial View of Northbank1987
952Aerial View of Bridge of Alford1978
951Spring Ploughing2009
950An Interesting Feature on the Forbes Estate?2009
949Pond near Cattie, Whitehouse2009
948Frogspawn at Whitehouse2009
947The Steadings at Home Farm, Whitehouse2009
946Ruined lime kiln near Upperton, Glenbuchat2009
945View of the Motte at Strathdon2009
944Panorama of Water of Nochty near Strathdon2009
943Panorama from Baltimore 2009
942Panorama from Baltimore 2009
941Inside Baltimore Steading2009
940Inside Baltimore Steading2009
939Baltimore Steading, Glenbuchat2009
938Wedding Anniversary in Inchmarlo, Banchory1944
937War Memorial at Leochel Cushnie2009
936Forbes Gravestones at the Terry Chapel Ruins2009
935Remains of the Terry Chapel2009
934The Riach Family at Newton of Corse, Coull1892
933Isabella and James A. Gordon 1922
932Temperance Certificate from Insch1902
931Alford Map1857
930Parade of Work Horses at the Alford Show1930
929Montgarrie Bridge, Alford1950
928The Alford War Memorial1950
927Haughton Arms Hotel, Alford1920
926Celebrations in Alford1950
925Cast of ?1950
924Shooting Party1950
923Hairst on the Howe1950
922Sow, Piglets and Ricks1950
921Hairst on the Howe1950
920George Balfour and Charlie Black1920
919George Balfour and Gordon Black1920
918Duncan Family, Redhouse, Tullynessle1945
917Tom Sandison at Auchentoul, Alford1930
916The Gilbert Girls at Gallowhill1940
915Francie, Peter and Hebbie Gilbert1930
914Duncan Family, Redhouse, Tullynessle1933
912Alford WRI in a one act play, "The Gundy Shop"1934
911W and R Murray Garage, Alford1930
910The Murray Family1930
909Douglas Reid, Watchmaker, Alford1950
908Alford Badminton Club1972
907The River Don from below Tulloch2009
906Lord Arthur's Hill, Black Hill and Balfour Wood2009
905At the foot of Bennachie2003
904Neat Drystone Dyke at Bennachie2003
903Denburn Croft, Whitehouse2009
902"Ininteer", Muir of Fowlis1934
901Coldwells Steading, Burnhervie, near Inverurie2003
900The Former Occupants at West Eninteer Steadings2003
899More remnants of a bygone age at West Eninteer2003
898Remnants of a bygone age at West Eninteer2003
897West Eninteer Steadings, Muir of Fowlis2003
896West Eninteer Steadings, Muir of Fowlis2003
895Borrowstone near Dorsell Farm, Muir of Fowlis2009
894West Eninteer, Muir of Fowlis2009
893West Eninteer, Muir of Fowlis2009
892West Eninteer and East Eninteer, Muir of Fowlis2009
891Broad Dyke on the slopes of Kist Hill2009
890Waterfall in the Denburn descending from Kingsmoss2009
889Remains of Croft at Denburn, Whitehouse.2009
888Downhill Mountainbike Championship at Pitfichie2004
887Hardened Riders These Two!2006
886Rough stuff2006
885A visitor from Glasgow on the Pitfichie Trail2006
883Championships at Pitfichie downhill trail2004
882West Eninteer Steadings, Muir of Fowlis1920
881West Eninteer Farmhouse, Muir of Fowlis1920
880West Eninteer, Muir of Fowlis1998
879Tanged and Barbed Flint Arrowheads from Cluny2007
878Members of OFARS at Auchindoir Kirk2008
877West Eninteer Steadings, Muir of Fowlis2003
876West Eninteer Steadings, Muir of Fowlis2003
875Robert Dunn at West Eninteer Farm, Muir of Fowlis1910
874Lumsden locals view the Queenie Brae cairn2002
873The Cairn at Queenie Brae, Lumsden2002
872Cairn at Queenie Brae, Lumsden2002
871Death of Martha Milne Riach1929
870Marriage of John McCombie and Mary Riach1899
869Alford Signal Box1962
868Alford Railway Station1962
867Old Horse Mill at Tillychardoch, Tarland2009
866Old Horse Mill at Tillychardoch, Tarland2009
865Old Horse Mill at Tillychardoch, Tarland2009
864Old Horse Mill at Tillychardoch, Tarland2009
863A.R. Birnie in the title role of Pig Charlie1912
862Alexander Robertson Birnie1910
861Alford Primary 11967
860Alford Football Club 1962
859Kenny Morgan1958
858Miss Jamaica visits Tullynessle School1985
857Alford signalbox and Alford bound train.1910
856Flood at the bottom of Ashgrove, Alford1993
855Flood at the bottom of Ashgrove, Alford1993
854Bridge of Alford from the air1960
853Alford Sna1984
852Alford Sna1984
851Three fine young loons at Alford Show1959
850Snow covered Deeside2009
849View from above Midmar Fishery2009
848Bennachie from near Monymusk2009
847Alford Vale in Winter by Moonlight2009
846Vale of Alford in Winter with a Setting Moon2009
845Aberdeen Road, Alford under snow1984
844Aberdeen Road, Alford under snow1984
843Aberdeen Road, Alford under snow1984
842Aberdeen Road, Alford under snow1984
841Vale Hotel under snow1984
840Alford Football Club1984
839Tullynessle Football Team 2004 2004
838Tullynessle Football Team in 2000 2000
837Alford Cub Pack Fathers1973
836Alford Cubs1973
835Alford SWRI Choir1955
834Alford SWRI Band1955
833The Davidson Family at Whitehouse1892
832Whitehouse Shop Delivery Cart1914
831Whitehouse Post Office and Shop1890
830The Davidson family at Lilac Cottage1923
829Whitehouse Post Office and Shop1923
828Whitehouse Shop Delivery Van1938
827Whitehouse Post Office and Shop1959
826Whitehouse Post Office and Shop1975
825North East Ministers and Kirk Officials1900
824Henry and Charlie McDonald of Leochel Cushnie1955
823Andrew McDonald and Isabella Mary Smith1955
822Brideswell, Leochel-Cushnie1950
821Casualties from the Great War1915
820Mason's Plaque at Alford Bull Monument2009
819Mason's marks at Alford Bull Monument2009
818William McCombie of Tillyfour2009
817Alford School Trip to Belgium1955
816The Alford Bull2009
815The Alford Bull2009
814Happy New Year2008
813McCombie Genealogical Chart (part 2)2008
812McCombie Genealogical Chart (part 1)2008
811The Alford McCombies (part 2)2008
810The Alford McCombies (part 1)2008
809Alford School Football Team1955
808Letter in a bottle found in Alford1937
807Aerial view of Main Street/Donside Road1974
806Unknown couple1890
805Leochel Cushnie2008
804PC John Laing stationed at Huntly Police Station1913
803Farmworkers at Kirkton Farm, Cushnie1910
802Alford Vale Christmas Eve 20082008
801A Happy Christmas to all visitors to this website!2008
800Huge Skeins of Geese over Alford2008
799Principal Characters of Cinderella1951
798Complete Cast of Cinderella1951
797Alford Lasses at a Dance in the Public Hall1957
796Forestry Operations on the Forbes Estate2008
795Snow capped Pressendye2008
794Geese above the Vale of Alford2008
793Vale of Alford in Winter2008
792Kennethmont from the south1900
791Kirkhill, Kennethmont1900
790Kirkhill, Kennethmont1930
789Kirkhill, Kennethmont1920
788Calling for letters at the PO, Kennethmont1930
787The Smiddy, Kennethmont1920
786Kennethmont shop and garage2000
784Shop and Post Office at Kennethmont1900
783Kennethmont shop and garage1920
782Kirkhill, Kennethmont1900
781Lower Drumlassie, Tornaveen1930
780Capers at Luath's Stone, Whitehouse1925
779Picnic at Whitehouse Rocks1930
778"Bikers" at Prospect Hill Cottage1928
777Prospect Hill Cottage, Whitehouse1927
776Dairy Cottage, Whitehouse1925
774Prospect Hill Cottage, Whitehouse1925
773Prospect Hill Cottage, Whitehouse1925
772Corgarff Castle1930
771Kennethmont shop and garage1970
770Vale of Alford Show1952
769Broombrae, Forbes, Alford1967
768Harthill Ball, Haughton Arms Hotel, Alford1967
767Harthill Ball, Haughton Arms Hotel, Alford1966
766Alford Young Farmers1960
765Meikle Endovie1950
764Ian Davidson1960
763details to be added1960
762James Gordon and Sons Driver1968
761Harvesting oats1920
760Unknown location near Alford1920
759Unknown location near Alford1920
758Alford Cricket Team1962
757Field of stones at Quinach, Millbank2008
756Parkhead Tullynessle1970
754Monymusk Village Square1960
753View from the Square at Monymusk1960
752Village Square at Monymusk1960
751Monymusk Church Tower from the square1960
750The bridge in Monymusk village1960
749Monymusk from the toll house 1960
748Alford History Group at Castle Forbes1997
747Presentation to Mrs Agnes Ellingham, SWRI1990
746Alford School Choir1963
745Alford School Netball Team1963
744Alford School Football XI1964
743Alford School Football Team1963
742Alford School Netball Team1964
741Closure of Alford Mart1986
740Opening of new surgery in Alford1988
739Presentation to Mrs Ledingham1990
737 Aberdeen Bus1950
732Let's wait till he falls off......2004
730Official Opening party at Tullynessle Hall2008
729Alford Fiddlers at Tullynessle and Forbes Hall2008
728Hall Committee and Fiddlers at the Reopening2008
727Tullynessle and Forbes Hall, by Don McLellan2008
726Whitehouse Football Team1933
725Inside the "shop" at Alford Heritage Centre2007
724Winter evening near Cullerlie2007
723K and K Samuels Food Hall, Alford1990
722Sandy Michie at the Inverurie Talent Contest1995
721Commemorative Plaque for Hall Reopening Ceremony2008
720Tullynessle and Forbes Hall Reopening Ceremony2008
719Secondary Three, Alford1957
718Glacks Farm, Leochel Cushnie1920
717William McDonald and Helen Buchan1870
716Secondary One, Alford 1946
715The Keig Road2008
714Alford Show "showies"1963
713Alford Junior Secondary School1948
712Brindymuir, Keig1950
711George Ewen's Lorry1946
710Keig Football Team1959
709Montgarrie Football Team1950
708Alford School pupils enjoy the Pleasure Park1955
707Mains of Cushnie1954
706Postgalacial meltwater channel2008
705Bennachie from Knocksaul2008
704Tap O' Noth from Knocksaul2008
703Margaret Thomson1950
702Jimmy Smith and Margaret Thomson1948
701MainStreet, Alford1955
700MainStreet, Alford1947
699MainStreet, Alford1935
698MainStreet, Alford1910
697Bridge Street, Alford1920
696Alford Mayday Celebrations1922
695Alford School1927
694William Hay and Sons, Alford1910
693Annie Donald at Craggan, Ballater1940
692Thomson family at Easterbuchat1930
691East Balnakelly, Cushnie.2008
690Children's Party1930
689Premnay Football Team1965
688Tullynessle School1956
687Meikle Endovie1910
685Dad, can we borrow the car?1936
684Shannoch Farm, Breda1949
683Cressida Potter (nee Judd) at Shannoch Farm1952
682Shannoch Farm, Breda1950
681Shannoch Farm, Breda1950
679Tillyfourie School1950
678Alford Show1960
677Cardensbrae, Keig1960
676Charlie Hay and the "Brig Bus"1960
675Knowehead, Alford1960
673Alford Primary School1966
672Alford Depot1949
671Handing over the new keys to Tullynessle Hall2008
670The Reid family, Shannoch Farm1943
669Bella Cowe and Margaret Judd and children1952
668Gordon Reid at Shannoch Farm1940
667Doric warning sign!2008
666Hill of Fare and the Barmekin of Echt2008
665Panorama from Little Endovie2008
664Panorama from Meikle Endovie, Alford2008
663Margaret Judd and daughter, Cressida, at Shannoch1952
662Jimmy Cobb and 'Little' John at Shannoch1949
661William Reid at Shannoch1950
660George Judd at Shannoch1951
659Bunty Milne (nee Reid) at Shannoch1951
658View across farmland at Shannock1950
657Margaret Judd at Shannoch Farm1940
655Admiring the work horses at Shannoch1950
654A fly cup at Shannoch Farm1940
653Three generations of the Reid/Nicol Family1930
651Shannoch Farmhouse1950
650Shannoch Farm1951
649Shannoch Farm1940
648Bridge Street, Alford1920
646Alford, Bridge Street1920
645Alford Main Street1910
644Alford Main Street1930
643Alford Main Street1920
642Alford Main Street1910
641Dance in Brig Hall, Bridge of Alford1949
640Alford Players (Drama Group)1950
639Alford Fire Crew1989
638Site of old egg grading station1989
637Marquee Dance, Alford1950
636Alford Show Trophies 1964
635Newspaper article on Whitehouse2008
634Upper Minmore, Glenkindie1900
633Muir Smiddy, Alford1990
632Muir Smiddy, Alford1970
631The Reid family, Glenlogie1920
630First wedding at Alford Public Hall1904
629Toll Croft, Alford1950
628Jimmy Robb's House, Montgarrie1930
627Muir of Fowlis1920
626Balloch Brae, Alford1910
625Bridge of Alford1920
623Bridge of Alford1920
622Pleasure Park Opening, Montagarrie1950
619Pleasure Park Opening, Montgarrie1950
603John Simpson Cycle Agent, Alford1920
602Bill Murray with van1950
601Donside Garage, Alford1964
600The Pond, Tough1920
599Seats Howe, Tough1920
598The Cat's Crag, Tough1920
597Pictish Stone at Rhynie2006
596Pictish Stone at Rhynie2006
595The Picardy Stone2006
594Old Keig Stone Circle2006
593Pictish stone at Broomend of Crichie, Inverurie2006
592Migvie Kirk and Kirkyard2006
591Pictish stone fragment inside Migvie Kirk2006
590Early Christian Cross inside Migvie Kirk2006
589Pictish stone inside Migvie Kirk2006
588Cross incised stone near Tertowie2007
587Oddly carved stone balls from Aberdeenshire2007
586Alford looking east towards Cairn William1920
585Prize Giving and Mr Ritchie's Retirement, Alford 1954
584Installation of Alford's Lighting Clock1935
583Local Traders1920
582Alford Air Training Corp1940
581Main Street Alford 1910
580Alford Main Street on a market day1920
579Horse and flycairt1920
578Bridge of Alford1920
577River Don at Paradise1920
576The Lord's Throat1920
575Brigade Camp at Burghead1910
574Brux Lodge and Dyke1920
572Boglouster, Tough1920
571Unknown location near Alford1910
570Thatched cottage1900
569Whitehouse Railway Station1959
568The Den Burn2006
567Pitoothies Belt2007
566Terpersie Castle2007
565Galla How, Tullynessle2007
564Wellhouse, Alford2008
563Wellhouse, Alford2006
562Little Lynturk2007
561Leochel Burn at Muir of Fowlis2007
560Lynturk, Tough2007
559Balfluig Castle2007
558East Kintocher2007
557East Haybogs2007
556Confunderland from Wark Farm2006
555Newbraes, Cushnie2007
553Muir of Fowlis2007
551Ruins of Tonley House, Tough2007
550Don Valley Egg Packing Station, Alford1962
549Presentation to Mr Ritchie, Headmaster, Alford 1954
548Alford PO Night Out1970
547Alford Football Team1950
546Whist Drive, Alford1935
545Gallowhill School, Alford1948
544Alford School1935
543The Turra Coo1913
542Cushnie School1947
541James Birse, Grocer at Muir of Fowlis1933
540O'Neil Corse School1945
539Howe of Corse from Crossroads1920
538Raws of Noth1890
537The Post Office, Cabrach1920
536Alford Rural Dancing Team1935
534Jake Balfour sporting an interesting outfit1950
533Jake Balfour at Montgarrie Meal Mill1963
532River Don below Castle Forbes1950
531Den of Kildrummy1950
530Re-opening of Tullynessle Hall1994
529Alford Ramblers1994
528The Mossat Shop1970
527Cushnie Picnic1950
524Alford School Choir at Aberdeen Music Hall1949
523Alford Show Trophies 1935
522Alford Show Queen1960
521Keig School1958
520Alford Territorials at Scarborough Camp1940
519Bunty Warrack Dancers at Tullynessle1950
517Womens' Land Army at Whitehaugh House1945
516Kildrummy School1940
515Aberdeen Bus at Dunecht1930
514Coach drivers in Aberdeen1929
513Tullynessle Drama Team at Alford Public Hall1950
512The Tornaveen Haggis1965
511Bothy Nichts, Hillies Halfins1964
510Young Farmers Ball Alford1957
509Tillyfourie School1940
508Presentation at Mossat Quarry1920
507Workers at Mossat Quarry1920
505Alford Mart1960
504The River Don at Keig1920
503Suspension Bridge at Craigpot, Keig1920
502A cup marked stone?2007
501Stone at Tertowie2007
500Incised Stone2006
499Strangely incised stone2006
498Whitehouse Crags2007
497Denburn Croft2007
496Label from a book belonging to John Duncan1882
495Sketch of John Duncan, Alford Botanist and Weaver 1865
494Plaque at West Kirk, Alford2008
493Tombstone at West Kirk, Alford2008
492Tombstone at West Kirk, Alford2008
491The West Kirk, Alford2008
490Tap O' Noth from the Suie2004
489Incised Stone2006
488Flycairt at the Muggarthough Hotel1900
487Coldwells Steading, Inverurie2004
486Migvie class II Pictish Stone2006
485Migvie Kirk and Kirkyard2006
484Recumbent and flankers at Midmar Stone Circle2006
483Insch Strathspey and Reel Society1920
482Inside the ruined steading at Baikiehill2003
481Steading and Croft at Baikiehill2003
480Steading and Croft at Baikiehill2003
479Panorama showing old croft and steading2003
478Photograph showing Rolls Royce Rally at Kildrummy2008
477Kildrummy Castle Vintage and Veteran Rally2008
476Another oddly marked stone2006
475Very peculiar carved stone2008
474Names and dates carved in trees2008
473All that remains of the glacial meltwater lake?2007
472Entrance to Culsh Souterrain2006
471Information Plaque at Cullerlie Stone Circle2008
470Oddly marked stone from stone circle at Ardlair2006
469Kitchenalia at Alford Heritage Centre and Museum2008
468The Chaumer and the Bothy2004
467Lochnaggar from near to The Queen's View2003
466Lochnaggar and Pressendye from Whitehouse Estate2008
465Farmtrack on Whitehouse Estate2007
463Interesting triangular plot with trees.2008
462Remains of former railway bridge at Whitehouse.2008
461Drinking fountain and trough at Whitehouse2007
460Oddly marked stone2006
459Oddly marked stone2006
458Kist Hill from Whitehouse Estate farm track2007
457East Aquhorthies Stone Circle2007
456Lickleyhead Castle, Premnay2006
455View from Knockhill2008
454The Alford Fiddlers at Grampian Transport Museum2004
453Grampian Transport Museum Christmas Opening2004
452Monymusk PO and shop2008
451Grampian Transport Museum2005
450Grampian Transport Museum2005
449Grampian Transport Museum2005
448Grampian Transport Museum2005
447Grampian Transport Museum2005
446Grampian Transport Museum2005
445Grampian Transport Museum2005
444Grampian Transport Museum Vehicle Rally2005
443Forbes Arms Hotel2005
442Balfluig Castle2005
441Early morning in the Vale of Alford2008
440Commemorative Plaque in Tough kirkyard2005
439Rowan Tree and Commemorative Plaque at Tough kirk2005
436Tough Kirk2005
435Tough Kirk2005
434Sign to Tillyfour Farm, Tough2005
433William Street, Torphins1920
430Torphins Pipe Band preparing for Gala Day2005
429Torphins PO and Pharmacy2005
428Pitoothies Belt from the Forbes Estate2007
427Panorama from West Eninteer looking east and south2003
424View from Green Hill2008
423Towie Church2003
422Muir of Fowlis2003
421Panorama showing Luath's stone2004
420Keig Kirk2006
419Kildrummy Inn2005
418Kildrummy Inn sign2005
417The Millenium Sculpture at Alford Railway Museum2005
416The Millenium Sculpture at Alford Railway Museum2005
415Alford Valley Railway Station and Museum2005
414Plaque giving details of the bull.2005
413Plaque at Alford Bull monument.2005
412The Alford Bull (part 2)2005
411The Alford Bull2005
410Tank outside the Deeside Activity Centre2006
409Auchmair Gate, Cabrach2003
408Whitehills stone circle2004
406The Wolf Stone2008
405The Percylieu Stone2008
404Combining oats near Auchnagatt1926
402steam train!1910
401Sunset over Alford Vale2008
400Who, where, when?1920
399Who, where, when?1920
398Where, when?1920
397Where, when, who?1920
396Building a stook near Alford1920
395Mobile Threshing Mill near Leslie1910
394Mobile Threshing Mill near Leslie1910
393unknown location near Alford1910
391Muck spreading and ploughing near Alford1910
390Muir of Fowlis?1920
389Young groom and charges1900
388Mayday in Alford1922
387Young fairmer loon disciplining the geese1960
386Farmers Ball Alford1960
385Meikle Endovie1935
384Aberdeen Angus bull1938
383Emslie Family, Newfarm, Keig1926
382The Grassick Family at Cairncosh, Tullynessle1910
381Montgarrie Bridge1920
380Kildrummy Inn1920
379Jubilee Banquet1889
378Jubilee Banquet1889
376Greenbog, Cushnie1900
375Kingsford Lodge, Alford1920
374Cast of Pig Charlie (Alford Dramatic Company)1912
373Bennachie by Charles Murray2008
372Feeding the hens1920
370Oats Hairst1920
369A well earned fly cup1920
368Roadworkers taking a fly cup1950
367Haughton Garage with Morris Minor 1967
365Feeding the poultry1960
363Bike and Sidecar1955
361unknown location near Alford1910
360unknown location near Alford1910
359unknown location near Alford1910
358Main Street, Alford2008
357Unusual gate near Lumsden?1990
356Lonach Pipe Band beating the retreat at Craigievar1996
355View from Lethenty towards Redhouse1990
354Bennachie across the Howe of Alford1996
353Alford from south1990
352Rural Hall, Alford1990
351Alford from Haughton Arms Hotel1975
350Muir Smiddy, Alford1975
349Insch Pipe Band chanter practice1955
348Blairdaff Shop1983
346The Howe in Winter1958
345Tullynessle Kirk1920
344Empire Pageant1925
343Alford Depot ?1928
341St Andrew's Church, Alford1895
340That's a fair depth o' sna!1958
338Stuck in the snow1958
337Wullie Ellis and family (at Wark Farm, Cushnie?)1920
336The Lodge at Tillyfourie1920
334Bridge of Keig1900
333Brig O' Keig1900
331Mobile Threshing Mill near Alford1910
329Concert at Public Hall, Alford1950
328Sawmill at Tarland1952
327Baldyvin, Alford1960
326Alford Show Presentations1950
324Alford Waterworks1900
319Harvesting Oats at Parkhead, Tullynessle1970
318Location unknown near Alford, possibly Whitehouse1920
317Boglouster, Tough1920
316Tom na Hivrigh Stone Circle near Tarland2006
315Cast list Empire Pageant1925
314Cast of Canadian Settlers in Empire Pageant1925
313Farm Workers near Alford1910
310Farm Workers near Alford1910
309William Valentine, Butcher, Alford1956
308West End of Main Street, Alford1967
307Bridge in Shrubbery at Tonley, Tough1895
306Wedding Party at Haughton Arms Hotel, Alford1936
305Kingsford Road, Alford1920
304Alford Railway Station1946
303Corner Shop, Montgarrie Road, Alford1900
302Alford to Aberdeen Road from Wellheads1920
301Mayday in Alford1922
300Redhouse, Tullynessle1948
297Baad Croft, Craigievar1899
296Ellis Family at Wark Farm, Cushnie1900
295Mains of Cushnie1920
294Glenbuchat Shop and PO1920
293Gordon's Buses1929
292Drumnafunner Steading, Alford1930
291Muir of Fowlis1959
290Kirkstyle Dairy, Kemnay1935
289Kirkstyle Dairy, Kemnay1935
288J Pirie & Sons, Garage, Kemnay1926
287Woollen Mill at Montgarrie1920
286Premnay (Auchleven)1920
284Oyne Station1920
282Oxencraig on Bennachie from Oyne1920
281Bridge of Alford1950
280Vale of Alford1920
278Suspension Bridge at Craigpot cottage, Keig1950
277Broadmyre, Keig1920
276Bridge of Alford from Cornerstone1950
275Quarryhill Croft, Keig1884
274Breda Games1910
273Kildrummy Den1920
272Donside Road, Alford1895
271Old Towie Castle1920
269Stodfold, Insch1917
268Montgarrie PO1910
267The Suie2004
266Luath's Stone, Whitehouse2004
265The gardens at Leith Hall2006
264Sandy Barnett's "Spitfire"1950
263Tillyfourie Youth Club1960
262Alford School, Secondary 31956
261Combining at Strathlunach1975
260Insch Hospital1948
259Carpenter's Croft, Keig1960
258Keig Kirk1960
257Staff at the Haughton Hotel for a wedding1962
256Twa Bonnie Lassies cam doon tae Aeberdeen!1948
255PO at Sinnahard, Alford1910
254The Muggarthaugh Hotel at Muir of Fowlis1959
253Combining at Upper Balfour, Alford1960
252Baling at Mill of Kintocher1965
251Big Mack Snowplough at Strathdon1970
250Combining near Alford1967
248Kemnay Academy Shakespeare Play1937
247Kemnay Academy1935
246Wardend, Tullynessle1910
245Tillylodge Shop and PO1910
244Muckleton, Tullynessle1910
243Moss-Side Cottage, Tough1895
24221st Century Combining on the Forbes Estate2006
241Breda House1920
240Bennachie Wood Carters1920
239Old RAC road sign2008
238Wade Bridge at Glen Gairn2004
236Ploughing Match?1925
235The Lord's Throat1920
234The Lang Stracht, Alford1920
233Mutch's Bus1925
232unknown location near Alford1900
230Part of Valuation Rolls 1909/10 Whitehouse2008
229Alford Curling Club banner1965
228The Chipper in Greystone Road1948
227Muir of Fowlis PO1910
226Sunday School picnic from Alford Parish Kirk1933
225Kingsford House1920
224Local Adverts1904
223Sermon in Doric1920
222Shooting Party near Alford1950
221Steading on Howe of Alford1950
220Turning hay on Howe of Alford1950
219West Kirk, Alford (originally labelled as Keig? )1900
218Gin I was God2008
217Massey Ferguson at Alford Heritage Museum2004
216Fordson tractor at Alford Heritage Museum2004
215Proud of these beauties!1920
214War memorial, Alford1950
213Alford postcard1930
212Castle Forbes1920
211Castle Forbes1920
210Keig Play Park1967
208Tonley House1920
207John Duncan (b1794 d1881)1880
205Craigievar Castle1920
204Cushnie House1920
203Tullynessle House (former manse)1920
202Moving house?1890
201Fordson tractor1920
199Tullynessle School1900
198The Torries, Tough1950
197Kirkton of Tough1950
196Public Hall, Tough1950
195St Molock's Stone2006
194A call to arms from a Pageant of Empire1925
193Pageant of Empire1925
192Souvenir of Empire Pageant frontcover1925
191Pictish Stone at Migvie old kirk2006
190The Old Aberdeen Road at the foot of Bennachie2003
189Bennachie from near Muirtown2003
188Rope making1920
187Charles Murray1930
186Location unknown near Alford1900
185Haughton House, Alford1930
184Curling at Haughton Woods, Alford1920
183Murrayfield, Alford1925
182Staff of Stewart's Bakery1920
181Stewart's Bakers van1920
179The Villas, Main Street, Alford1910
178The "Greetin" Market at Alford1910
177Alford Cricket Team1922
176Milton of Cushnie PO1910
175Report of The Alford Show (2)1926
174Report of The Alford Show1926
173Colquhonnie Hotel1920
172Main Street Rhynie1920
171The Muggarthough Hotel, Muir of Fowlis1960
170Tillyfourie Railway Station1920
169Balquharn, Tullynessle1925
168Whitehouse Shop and PO1923
167Strathdon village1920
166Strathdon tinkers1895
165Rhynie and Tap O' Noth1930
163Mains of Whitehouse1928
162Rothienorman Highland Gathering1909
161Daluaine House, Garden Open Day2006
160Keig Shop1930
159Corrennie Forestry Operations1940
158The Grouse Inn, Cabrach1967
157Sandy Coutts Dance Band1964
156Alford Home Guard1941
155Members of the Lumsden family at Terpersie1890
153Forbes Arms, Bridge of Alford1930
152Forbes Arms, Bridge of Alford1930
151Letter describing garden party at Whitehaugh House1904
150Garden Party at Whitehaugh House1904
149Cullerlie Stone Circle2007
148Alford Players1948
147Original handwritten music score by PM J. McHardy2008
145Parish Church, Alford1920
144Balfluig Castle1900
143Alford, looking west2008
142The Coffee Shoppe, Alford1987
140Shop and PO at Keig1970
139Whitehaugh House1930
138The Old Toll House, Monymusk1959
137Monymusk Shop and PO1967
136Kildrummy Hotel1960
134The old ticket office at Whitehouse Station1979
133Inside the old Mart1964
132Odd Ogham-like markings2007
131East Aquhorthies Stone Circle2007
129More farming treasures2006
128More rubbish?2006
126Yet more treasures2006
125More treasures2006
124Historical treasures2006
123No, it's nae Switzerland!2004
122Winter in the Howe of Alford2004
121...and more unusual markings on a large stone2006
120...and another prehistoric cup marked stone2007
119Prehistoric cup marked stone.2006
118Ruined croft with Kist Hill in the background2003
117Howe of Alford in winter2008
116Ruined croft on the Whitehouse Estate2008
115Early morning and a setting moon2007
114Howe of Alford from Balloch2007
113Alford from above Prospect Hill, Whitehouse2007
112Old Bess on top of Mither Tap, Bennachie.2003
111Walking the Gordon Way2005
110Partial Solar Eclipse at Chapel of Garioch2003
109Alford train stuck in snow1954
108Whitehouse village1900
107Whitehouse Station House1920
105Road workers1900
104Dr Sempill's Wedding Presentation1952
103Main Street Alford1920
102Local musicians1925
101The Opening of the Alford Waterworks.1908
100Monymusk POW camp1949
99Dunnydeer Hill and Castle, Insch.1920
98Den of Kildrummy1870
97Crowded streets in Alford1910
96Civic Dignitaries at the Alford Fountain1891
95Parade in Main Street Alford1920
94Luath's Stone, Whitehouse2004
93Deeside Activity Centre 4X4 Open Day2004
92Deeside Activity Centre 4X4 Open Day2004
91I want one of those!2007
90The staff of Keig Shop and PO1950
89Keig Shop and PO1960
88Billy Nicol's Band1955
87Corrennie Dance Band1950
86Harvest at Whitehouse2006
85Harvest at Whitehouse2004
84The Alford Fiddlers2008
83Alford Heritage Centre and Museum2008
82Alford Heritage Centre and Museum2008
81Winter in the Howe of Alford2007
80The Howe of Alford from Balloch2003
79Cairn William from Whitehouse2006
78The Gordon Stane2006
77Alford Town Council1973
75Terpersie Castle1996
74Terpersie Castle1960
73Balfluig Castle1966
72Gordon's 50th Anniversary1973
71The Penny Farthing Challenge1965
70Summer trip1955
69Alford Curling Pond 1920
68Alford Train Station staff1910
67The Cyclist's Rest, Alford1910
66Staff of Stewart the Baker, Alford1908
65Odd poster1920
63Murray's Garage, Alford1920
62West End of Main Street, Alford1910
61The Haughton1904
60Main Street Alford1900
59Fly fishing1920
57Ploughing at Strathlunach, Tullynessle.1930
56Safely home.1919
55Bandley Mill1950
54Corrennie Quarry 1890
53The Montgarrie Bridge1930
52The Railway Station at Tillyfourie1930
51Keig Football Team1950
50Tillyfourie Sunday School outing1955
48Tullynessle School1959
47Alford Young Farmers outing1953
46The Donsiders1966
43The shop at Tillyfourie1949
42The other Craigievar Express1897
41The Craigievar Express1897
39The Davidson Family at work on Upper Balfour1950
38Farmers Ball Tullynessle1959
34Complimentary dinner invitation....toast list1898
33Complimentary dinner invitation1898
32Bennachie Wood Cutters1920
31Off to war1915
30Alford Heritage Centre2008
28Old Mart, new venue!1991
27The Mossat Shop1973
26Alford Mart1960
24Farm workers near Alford1900
23Alford Mart1910
22Unknown dance band Alford area1890
21Public Hall Alford?1900
20Unknown steading near Alford1900
19Howe of Alford1930
18Strachan the Tailor at Montgarrie1900
17Alford from the air1957
16Main Street Alford1937
15Maypole dancing in Alford1900
14Topping out ceremony at Alford Public Hall1900
13Cluny tug of war team1909
12Whitehouse flycairt at Muggarthough Hotel1900
11Alford from Balloch1930
10The Vale of Alford2007
9Horsieman and faithful friend1900
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